European Influence in Developing Domestic Policies in Chile and Mexico:

European Influence in Developing Domestic Policies in Chile and Mexico:

the case of Higher Education

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-11 )

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The scenario of Latin America in the Higher Education area, especially in Chile and Mexico, appears to be significantly affected by some European influences, noticeable by examining the implementation of two European tools: the Bologna Process and the Tuning Project. This thesis argues that if we analyse the European influences as a Normative Power on the construction of common space in Higher Education in Chile and Mexico, the hegemonic process may, perhaps, prove to be focused on an ‘alternative imperialism'', based on Eurocentric discourse, which could also be called a ‘post-colonialist'' strategy. The writer of this thesis seeks to show that European influences, exercised by the EU exerting as a Normative Power, are only the ‘tip of the iceberg'' of the hegemonic process. In practical terms, the effects of the Bologna Process on Chilean and Mexican HE can be observed in the process of strengthening of the role of state and HE institutions. Specifically, this is seen in the design of public policies and the planning of institutional policies through formal mechanisms such as the development of specific policies and the execution of institutional adjustments.

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Francis Espinoza Figueroa

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Comparative and international political science