Migrating Close to Home

Migrating Close to Home

New Zealand Migrants'' Identity in Australia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-11 )

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New Zealander migration to Australia - a much bigger, more populous and multicultural country with some shared traditions and some similar cultural antecedents - requires adjustments to migrants'' sense of national, cultural and personal identity. This book presents the findings of a study into New Zealand migrants'' motives for moving to Australia, the migrant experience and adjustments to their identity. Using illustrative quotes it demonstrates that New Zealand migrants are influenced by a range of economic, lifestyle and personal factors. Their experiences in Australia are largely positive. They value what Australia has to offer and view their country of birth in a new light. Migrants feel at home in both countries but over time most adopt a predominantly Australian identity. However, migrants maintain a boundary between New Zealand and Australian characteristics and, while preferring to live in Australia, retain a strong positive regard for New Zealand. "Migrating Close to Home" is a valuable guide for social planners and commentators, demographers, journalists and academics as well as New Zealanders contemplating a move and those who, having moved, reflect on their actions.

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Alison E. Green
Mary R. Power

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City and regional sociology