Facadism: Preserving Heritage, Continuing Modernisation

Facadism: Preserving Heritage, Continuing Modernisation

Facadism and Urban Design in the City of Adelaide targeting Grenfell Street

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-11 )

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Facadism is a trend that many may see as the future means of imporving the urban environment. In terms of urban design, architecture, character, heritage, urban amenity facadism is now a practical option for establishing a healthy and lively space that has a clear connection to the individuals that use it. These benfits are somewhat debated in planning and development circles and it can be seen as a part time tokenism approach to asertaining long-term benefits. Urban design is now an integral part of the City of Adelaide. The council spent great deals of money on attracting people towards using public open space and urban areas. Grenfell Street is a major part of the Adelaide Central Business District and has a high volume of useage on a daily basis. The policy and mesaures in place dealing with the urban make-up of this street will be analysed to best oversee what is and is not working and what role facadism is playing towards improving this street. The research will summarise the current policy framework incorperating facadism into urban design and then recommending chages to this and what issues are not being addressed at the current time.

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Social structural research