J. D. Salinger Abroad

J. D. Salinger Abroad

Analysis of his Novel’s Two Romanian Translations and their Impact on Romanian Readership

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-06 )

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Although J. D. Salinger has always been a very controversial figure in world literature, raising many debates, not many literary critics have undertaken the difficult task of researching, analyzing and comparing some of the multiple translations of his novel, The Catcher in the Rye, into different languages in order to evaluate the accuracy and quality of a translation that raises so many difficulties. This book, therefore, starts from and tries to find answers to a set of questions concerning Salinger''s fiction, and finally focuses on the analysis and comparison of various foreign translations of his novel. The core of this book is the analytic comparative case study between Salinger''s novel and its two Romanian renditions in order to demonstrate his reception and impact in Romania, to analyze the need of the novel''s retranslation, and also to provide translation alternatives where possible. This analysis should thus be particularly helpful to professionals in Literature and Translation Studies fields, or anyone else interested in better understanding a literary foreign text through its translation.

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Georgiana Mirela Mîndreci

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General and comparative literature science