Migrants as ‘the Other’

Migrants as ‘the Other’

Daily Life of Migrant Workers in Thailand and Rights Abuse

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-20 )

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Under the registration policy, rights of migrant workers in Thailand are very limited. Additionally, migrants face particular difficulties in their daily life in some provinces when provincial decree has been issued and implemented. This book discloses the background and implementation of the provincial decree and tells about its impact on the daily life of migrant workers. The provincial decree is also a catalyst in the expansion of abuse. In fact, the violations are directly connected with the mindset of Thai citizens that views migrants as "the other". This mindset can be said to originate with the state and is given a life form through the enactment of policies that differentiate migrants from local people. These policies are issued without any outcry from the local people because the local people have already been convinced that the migrants are not "us". This book is useful for policy makers, government officers, academic, social activists, NGO workers on migrants, media persons, UN and International agencies on migrants or anyone interested in rights, migration, and otherness issue.

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Sutthida Malikaew

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Political science