The Morality of Life

The Morality of Life

A Foucaultian Afterlife

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-20 )

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These studies reveal the complex contemporary interlinking of many areas of politics (the government of others) and morality (the government of the self). The result of this complex and deep intertwining is that many of the problems facing social and governmental institutions cannot be solved without also addressing basic moral issues as well. For example, Christian morality, as laid out in the Rule of St. Benedict and Pastoral Care by Gregory the Great, emphasizes man''s sinful nature through a focus on the Fall and the crucifixion. These texts conclude that, as a result of man''s indelibly sinful and limited nature, man requires guidance by God or one of his lieutenants (priests, bishops, saints, etc.) in order to properly carry out a moral life. The effect of this insight on moral life is that self-governance becomes focused on obedience and submission to moral superiors as central values. In the dissertation, I draw on Foucault to show that many of the basic social institutions of the West inherit this understanding that people are generally incapable of their own self-governance without expert guidance.

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