Symbolic  Portrayal of Characters in Al – Tayeb Salih''s Fiction

Symbolic Portrayal of Characters in Al – Tayeb Salih''s Fiction

An Integrated Analytical Study of Fiction

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-28 )

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This book is an attempt to reveal in an integrated manner Al _ Tayeb Salih''s elements of fiction concerning his skillful portrayal of characters. Special consideration will be given to some elements of nature such as the River Nile and date palm trees, characters'' common features, names and their implications, religious and their common features. Moreover, a comparison and contrast have been made among characters. An attempt to reflect some of the Sudanese traditions and customs through the fictional elements as reflected by characters. Due to its integrated process of tackling several of Al – Tayeb Salih''s novels to analyze their fictional elements, this book will be of great interest to those who share the same interest in such a kind of literature. In addition, it will supply those who would like to have further future studies with some insights. The book will also address those who are interested in the wider cultural aspects, knowledge and experience.

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Rania Ali M. Al - Nour

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Language and literature science