Intercultural Theatre

Intercultural Theatre

Adaptation and Representation

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-24 )

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The first chapter of this book introduces the theories and schools of Intercultural Theatres. What is Interculturalism? Interculturalism is a combination of economics, politics, culture and ideology. Interculturalism is inseparable with the world view, practice and theory. Interculturalism can be applied to the aspects of critical theory, techniques, politics, aesthetics, and theatre. Many people associate “Intercultural Theatre,” with some names such as Peter Brook, Eugenio Barba,and Ariane Mnouchkine. Experiencing the development and evolution of Multicultural theatre, Cultural collage, Syncretic theatre, Post-colonial theatre, and the “Theatre of the Fourth world,” like Mikhailovich Bakhtin proclaims the theory of “heteroglossia,” in the multiple and polyphonic voices of theories in each theoretical school, Intercultural Theatre establishes its own theory and interpretation on the various performance experiments and practices in the current theatres facing the cultural exchange between East and West. From Chapter 2 to Chapter 6,there are the comments on the intercultural theatre performances by applying Interculturalism to the interpretation of seven intercultural performances.

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Iris Hsin-chun Tuan

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