Development of a Scientific Visualization System

Development of a Scientific Visualization System

CFView - Computational Field Visualization System and Object-Oriented Software Methodology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-24 )

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This book describes a novel approach to create, develop and utilize software tools for visualization in scientific and engineering applications. These Scientific Visualization (SV) tools are highly interactive visual aids which allow analysis and inspection of complex numerical data generated from high-bandwidth data sources such as simulation software, experimental rigs, satellites, scanners, etc... The data of interest typically represent physical variables -- 2- and 3-dimensional scalar, vector and tensor fields on structured and unstructured meshes in multidomain (multiblock) configurations. The Object-Oriented Methodology is the software technology at the basis of the approach.The developed advanced SV tools allow the investigator to examine qualitatively and quantitatively the details of a phenomenon of interest, in a unified and transparent way. The important outcome of this work is an integrated set of SV tools -- the Computational Field Visualization System (CFView) -- available for investigators in field physics in general, and specifically for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) researchers and engineers.

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Dean Vučinić

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