Using Simulation in Operational Test and Evaluation of C2 Systems

Using Simulation in Operational Test and Evaluation of C2 Systems

The Application of Simulation to Improve the Operational Test and Evaluation of Command Support Systems

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-12-23 )

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This book describes the application of simulation techniques to the operational test and evaluation (OT&E) of command support systems (CSS). OT&E is essential for ensuring that systems are effective, suitable for service and meet the end users'' needs. Simulation can be used in OT&E to simulate entities that cannot be obtained for real-world OT&E and to evaluate the effectiveness of systems in controlled environments. This book defines the relationships between command and control (C2), CSS, systems engineering, verification and validation, OT&E and modelling and simulation. This book describes how simulation techniques have been used to improve OT&E of CSS and how simulation models are verified, validated and accredited. This book describes how the effectiveness of an OT&E program can be measured in terms of its cost effectiveness with respect to gathering evidence to support the resolution of critical operational issues (COIs). This book describes a proposed methodology for applying simulation in OT&E of CSS to help gather data to resolve COIs when it is impractical to conduct sufficient real-world OT&E to gather sufficient data to resolve COIs.

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