What is your value?

What is your value?

A qualitative study into the development of capital in amateur and professional boxing

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-15 )

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This study is an investigation into ways in which participating in and learning within the context of sport, and amateur and professional boxing in particular. The study focused on the experience of professional and amateur boxers. 18 people involved in boxing were interviewed and these interviews were combined with approximately 1000 hours of participant observation in boxing settings. Boxing is a skilled and challenging sport leading to the development of clear and focused skills, both physical and psychological. On one level many of these skills cannot be transferred from the boxing or fight situation. However there is much in boxing which is transferable and can enhance the individual''s life: the capacity for commitment and control of emotions are some examples of this. Despite these positive features the skills did not seem to transfer to other areas and did not lead to participation in formal educational opportunities. Nevertheless participation in boxing did add to the social capital of the individuals which led to the development of a series of networks and contacts which could clearly add to and enhance the lives of the boxers.

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John Fulton

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Social structural research