Three biocompatible approaches to green technology

Three biocompatible approaches to green technology

Thin film nanostructures of carbonaceous copper oxides, Li doped cobalt oxides and metallic Li

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-11-14 )

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The book describes the original doctoral research work undertaken by the author on the synthesis of certain thin film nanostructures of some technologically important materials such as copper oxides and Li doped cobalt oxides, through CVD, sol-gel, and electromagnetic irradiation. The work towards this objective can be divided into three parts: first, the design, synthesis, and systematic identification of novel metalorganic precursors of copper (monometallic) and Li and Co (bimetallic); second, the growth of nanostructured oxides thin films using these precursors; and third, the application of electromagnetic radiation to tailor the growth of as grown nanostructures. Keeping in mind the growing need of green chemistry, design and synthesis of precursors for CVD were based on biologically compatible ligands such as triethanolamine and diethanolamine. A semi- empirical model that correlates between sublimation temperature and intrinsic molecular parameters such as lattice energy, vibrational rotational energy, and symmetry number may help design new precursors for CVD. The book is meant for researchers with a biofriendly approach to technology.

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Mahua Das

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology