Theatre as Alternative Historical Narrative.

Theatre as Alternative Historical Narrative.

A study of three plays.: Ubu and the Truth Commission,Copenhagen and Ghetto

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-20 )

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In this book I examine the way in which fictionalised and dramatised narratives in theatre have the potential to create significant alternative narratives that can potentially be regarded as a crucial part of history writing. This is done through a critical analysis of three historically orientated dramatic texts, Ubu and the Truth Commission by Jane Taylor (1998), Copenhagen by Michael Frayn (1998) and Ghetto by Joshua Sobol (1984). I investigate how these playwrights narrativised history by fictionalising and dramatising events and people of historical importance, and how each of these plays individually contributes to the debate on narrative in historiographical discourse. Drawing on Hayden White''s theory on the poetic and narrative nature of history writing, as represented by his definitive work, Metahistory, I explore different theories and works on the philosophy of history to determine the precise nature of narrative itself as well as the historical work. The theatrical texts singled out demonstrate that these alternative narratives function as a discourse of multi-levelled stories making a contribution to the practice of historiography itself.

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Cornelia Faasen

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Theatre, ballet