Adaptive Wireless Transceivers

Adaptive Wireless Transceivers

Adaptive Diversity Combining, Equalization, and Sequence Decoding for Time-Varying Dispersive Channels

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-06 )

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Wireless devices find their ways into our everyday life. Experts say in a near future we will be immersed in environments where we can use small handheld wireless devices to make seamless connections to the Internet via body area networks, homes/offices networks, city networks, and cellular phone networks. Adaptive wireless transceivers enable these networks to handle multimedia traffic and operate robustly in many difficult channel conditions. The wireless channel is unpredictable and diverse. Its response can change very fast when users are in moving platforms. Its signal strength can fade away and responses can exhibit large delay dispersion due to multipath propagation of radio waves. This book provides adaptive wireless transceiver techniques capable of handling these harsh channel conditions and offering high spectrum efficient channels. A computer simulation model accurate but simple enough for fast evaluation is given. System components such as channel estimation, equalization, and sequence detection are discussed in details. Theoretical analyses are provided in each part so that simulation results can be cross-validated.

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Heung-No Lee

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Heating,- energy- and power station technology