Socialist Communitarianism and its Values for Contemporary Society

Socialist Communitarianism and its Values for Contemporary Society

A Case Study of the Lakota Sioux

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-03 )

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Given the current economic crisis and the challenges we face living in a global society, with many competing interests, this book presents itself at a time when so many of us are searching for answers to understand what has happened to the ideals of democracy. This book demonstrates how a socialist communitarian ethic, rather than a Western capitalist market ethic, provides the necessary foundations for the existence of democracy, freedom and equality, in contemporary society. Using Karl Polanyi''s The Great Transformation and Michael Walzer''s Spheres of Justice together, Morelli develops a rich backdrop against which democracy can be defended. Although Polanyi and Walzer reflect two quite different approaches and attitudes to questions concerning social and political philosophy, Morelli''s book argues that Polanyi''s version of socialism and Walzer''s theory of communitarianism are not irreconcilable. When amalgamated, these two theories can be made into a solid socialist communitarian ethic that provides the necessary foundations for democracy. It is that socialist communitarian ethic that reveals answers to our past and may very well lead us to our future.

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Urbain Morelli

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