Vocabulary Learning Through Listening In Another Language

Vocabulary Learning Through Listening In Another Language

Vocabulary Learning, Listening, Another Langauge

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-09-27 )

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For some time, vocabulary learning through listening has not seen the light in the literary world, mainly because its transitory nature. The other issue is how to measure a learning progress with the means such as this. This book written based on research studies, therefore, shows how words are learnt through listening and, among these words, how well they are learnt through the use of sensitive tests. Sensitive tests are designed to capture small amounts of word knowledge. They are needed because previous research shows that incidental gains in vocabulary from listening are likely to be very small. Several sensitive tests are used together because different tests capture different strengths of knowledge. The research results should help shed some light on this rarely explored venue of vocabulary learning and should be useful to those involved in professional and pedagogical levels or just about anyone who may be interested in vocabulary learning through listening in another language. TITLE: Vocabulary Learning Through Listening in Another Language

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Sangrawee Donkaewbua

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Language and literature science