Framing Same Sex Marriage

Framing Same Sex Marriage

How Newspapers Covered Debates over the Definition of Marriage during the 2004 Election

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-21 )

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During the 2004 election cycle, many states rushed to pass legislation that would prevent same sex couples from obtaining state-sanctioned marriages. Oregon and Georgia both proposed and approved bans on same sex marriage, but did so with varying levels of voter approval (57% & 75%, respectively). In an effort to understand how media might have influenced this outcome, this book presents a case study in media framing, using those states'' newspaper coverage of same sex marriage legislation as the primary texts. The book also includes an introduction to framing theory and brief historical accounts of the institution of marriage as well as gay rights activism and how the two have come to be intertwined in public and private spheres. The framing analysis reveals the complexities of the debate over marriage, the attempt to define marriage, and the practice of analyzing media via distinct frames. This book will be useful for scholars in media, politics, communication, journalism, GLBT studies, and religious studies, as well as for anyone else who is interested in better understanding and shaping the debate over marriage legislation in the United States.

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