Minimising Cost in Managing Park and Landscape

Minimising Cost in Managing Park and Landscape

An Effective Approach of Managing Shrubs

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-09 )

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There has been a strong interest worldwide in the effort to protect the environment in development. Public parks and landscape designs have become more important in human life especially in the urbanised area. However, as more public parks and green spaces developed, the more input and cost required in managing these landscapes. Therefore, a new mindset in landscape management must be set out, which could minimise the overall cost of managing without compromising on the purpose and the function of the landscape. The objective of the book is to explore public perception and preferences towards different form of shrubs so that a less managed but acceptable design can be suggested in a landscape. It will list out recommendations towards appropriate planting scheme of shrubs and the contexts that may benefit in reducing the overall cost of landscape management. The book should be beneficial for those who involve in the design and management of parks and landscape. The content can also be as a references in the academic outdoor-based curriculum, includes landscape architecture, park management, amenity studies, recreation design, outdoor facilities management etc.

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Abd. Haris Shamsuddin

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General Social sciences