A Mobile Solar Power Generation System Prototype

A Mobile Solar Power Generation System Prototype

Design, Intelligence & Implementation

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-18 )

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Fossil energy source has become scarce over the years. The burning of fossil fuel to generate power is contributing massive damages to earth. The call for clean and environmental-friendly energy are getting louder by days. In this book, we discuss in details on the design and implementation of a mobile solar power generator with microcontroller as the core of the system, together with solar panels, real time clock IC, temperature and photo sensors, LEDs, an LCD display, a motor and a lead acid rechargeable battery. A sun tracking system which can constantly align the panels towards the direction of the sun is integrated in the solar energy system to make it more practical and feasible in maximizing the efficiency of solar absorption. The model developed is an intelligent system as a whole that manages both the usage of solar power harvested and the battery power, to display the time, date, battery’s voltage and temperature on an LCD display, as well as control the rotation of the sun tracking system.

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Tick Hui Oh
/ Lih Fang Tang / Jason Wei Feng Yau

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Building and environmental technology