Popular Religiosity and Roman Liturgy

Popular Religiosity and Roman Liturgy

Toward a Contemporary Theology of Liturgical Inculturation in the Caribbean

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-17 )

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This book outlines the contours of a contemporary theology of liturgical inculturation that provides a framework for the harmonization of popular religiosity and the Roman liturgy in the context of the Caribbean. The author articulates how such a theology in or for the Caribbean facilitates a mutual enrichment between, on the one hand, the universal Church and her liturgy, and on the other hand, the Caribbean Church. He offers a concrete example of how the magisterial teachings can be used as theological sources for this endeavor. That occurs primarily through theological reflection upon the rich spiritual and popular religious reservoir, such as the case of the “evil eye.” In this bold attempt to rhyme the Roman liturgy with popular religiosity, the author makes a deliberate effort to go beyond confrontation. The theology outlined in this book opens vistas for opportunities to cross- fertilize popular religiosity with the liturgy, and facilitates new forms of prayers and rituals that enriches the Roman Catholic Church at large.

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Duncan Wielzen

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