Technology in a Multicultural and Global Society

Technology in a Multicultural and Global Society

Worldwide communication online

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-17 )

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In this anthology we have gathered seven contributions from scholars undertaking research in the field of information technology. Their main point of departure has been to investigate several aspects of this technology within a multicultural and global context. The topics taken up here cover a broad range of issues, and they are discussed within the frames of different disciplines related to IT. The empirically based examples discussed in this volume are truly global in scope, ranging from the USA, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia to China. We hope that students and scholars from a broad range of disciplines who read this anthology will find topics of interest and relevance to their own field. Another positive effect we hope for is that these articles, both individually and collectively, help bridge some of the gaps between different research fields – fields that may indeed profit from glimpsing into each others’ perspectives. Last, but not least, we also hope that this anthology will contribute to the rapidly growing field of applied ethics as related to information technology.

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May Thorseth
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