What about the Locals?

What about the Locals?

Impacts of Tourism Development on Mountain Communities in Central Asia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-13 )

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Governments and global development agencies consider tourism to be a key tool by which developing countries can diversify their economies and lift populations from the grips of poverty. Its "sustainable" image lends itself specifically to the development of rural economies. The growth of ecological, cultural, and adventure tourism has assisted in propelling tourism forward as the "sexy" development option for rural communities. What About The Locals?: Impacts of Tourism Development on Mountain Communities in Central Asia, explores the development of tourism in the mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Local, regional, and national governments work closely with global development agencies and international tourism firms to foster investment and infrastructure development, with the intended goal of increasing skilled employment, entreprenuerialism, and taxable revenue. Dr. Allen's indepth case studies reveal that, despite good intentions, tourism development can lead to unequal competition between international and locally based firms, degradation of local ecosystems, and rarely provides stable skilled employment.

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Joseph Boots Allen

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General Social sciences