The Status of Public Relations in Russia

The Status of Public Relations in Russia

A Country in Transition

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-04 )

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This study explores the emergence of the profession of public relations in the recently democratic Russian Federation. The significance of this research is embedded in the need to understand the status of public relations in Russia, where few studies about public relations have been conducted. The purpose was to identify whether public relations practitioners in Russia practice Grunig and Hunt’s (1984) models of public relations; how public relations has contributed to the political and economic transformation in Russia; and how the former communist propaganda has affected contemporary public relations. This book represents a contribution to the global body of knowledge about public relations. The Russian perspective augments this knowledge concerning a country where prior research has been scant. The goal of this study is to detect patterns that could guide future research involving Russian public relations. Additionally, principles discovered from this study could be meaningful to business entities desiring to mount effective PR campaigns.

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Inga L. Ragozina
Stephen W. Marshall

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Communication sciences