Understanding our life in organisations

Understanding our life in organisations

Telling it like it is

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-03 )

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I wanted to make sense of my life in organisations. I needed to understand why people behaved the way they did and why management theory was not providing the answers. So I turned to nature and discovered symbiotic relationships; I turned to philosophy and found questioning of the fundamental presuppositions of management theory; I turned to myself and found a slave to convention. We need to awaken from that slumber occasioned by conventional thinking. This book is a war cry to everyone in business to tell it like it is. Privilege your own experiences and relationships and contribute towards others understanding. Through dialogue and conversation we can create new meaning. Relationship defines who we are. The book itself is the result of cooperative interaction with many others and faithfully demonstrates the messiness of being human; a fact we seem to deny in organisational life. This book will appeal to those with rebellion in their heart who want to make a difference at work, but are intimidated and constrained in doing so by official ideologies.

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Alan Byrne

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