Elecronic Procurement: Impact on Procurement Performance

Elecronic Procurement: Impact on Procurement Performance

Electronic Procurement: The Organizational Assimilation Process and its Impact on Public Procurement Performance

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-06-01 )

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Despite the benefits of electronic procurement, few initiatives worldwide have succeeded and performance implications of e-procurement are not well documented in the existing literature. This book attempts to fill a gap in the literature by exploring the stages of the e-procurement assimilation process, the antecedents that lead to the success of such a process, and finally, its procurement performance implications. The focus of this study is the process of e- procurement assimilation, rather than the intention to adopt e-procurement. As such, the research setting and methodology of the research are in line with the innovative concepts as offered in the theories of Information Technology assimilation. This study also uses literature from transaction cost theory, structurational theory of IT use, resource-based theory and other organizational theories to identify the e-procurement antecedents. This book greatly helps put the procurement and IT professionals in a better position to effectively formulate and implement appropriate strategies to cope with the challenges of managing the process of e-procurement assimilation.

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Kishor Vaidya

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