Teaching & learning Polymorphism in JAVA & C++ Using Learning Objects

Teaching & learning Polymorphism in JAVA & C++ Using Learning Objects

Interactive learning using learning objects technology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-05-26 )

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In recent years, the knowledge-based economy has exhibited a pervasive and ever-increasing demand for innovative ways of delivering education, which has led to dramatic changes in learning technology and organizations. These radical changes in learning needs and technology are fueling a transition in modern learning in the era of the Internet, commonly referred to as e-learning. E-learning can be defined as technology-based learning in which learning materials are delivered electronically to remote learners via a computer network.The purpose of the study is to develop an educational resource that helps in teaching and learning one of key features of object-oriented programming, Polymorphism mechanism in Java and C++. The students can start from any part of the system, depending on his or her basic knowledge in the scope of the system. But it is recommended that the user go through the tutorial sequentially. The system has two main parts, Java and C++ Polymorphism Mechanism. The friendly application with visualization approach is used for the better understanding of students.

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Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari

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