Unemployment and men's sense of masculinity in Poipet Cambodia

Unemployment and men's sense of masculinity in Poipet Cambodia

Impact of unemployed men on the intra-household relation at Cambodia and Thailand border

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-05-26 )

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The study has demonstrated and explored on the employment situation and changing masculinity in intra-household relation under the condition of unemployment and the effects of changing masculinity on the household relation and sexual behavior. The study shows that people from 12 provinces in Cambodia migrate to Poipet in order to make better household economic. Otherwise with the attraction of border by working in Thailand which they are hoping to get better employment over there. After migrating to Poipet those migrants were trapped at the border with facing the loss of employment opportunity. A large movement of people and unemployment are seen with the affect of border with massive human trafficking, violence, corruption and other vices that come with being a casino playground for Thai tourists and a major international border crossing. In the last part of this study shows the effects of masculinity changes into domestic violence of intra- household relation of husband to wife and father to children and sexual dominance of husband to wife.

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Sophon Phann

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