Identifying the African Entrepreneur - a success story

Identifying the African Entrepreneur - a success story

The intrigueing story of Ugandan Entreprenuership and the crucial, life-empowering and long-term task of identifying potential entrepreneurs

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-14 )

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Entrepreneurship and creativity is to be found everywhere, in countries, cities and villages around the globe. The book is identifying this spirit, soul, motivation to find the individuals that we call entrepreneurs. People have in all times struggled to solve problems that develop their societies or simply surviving the day. Learning to “see” the people and identify the African entrepreneurship, we created an opportunity to integrate the entrepreneurs into developing projects. Our purpose with the book is to identify the potential entrepreneurs that can participate in developing projects. The book is aiming to identify entreprenurial characteristics that describe an entrepreneur, so that individuals of the community of Bubulo, Uganda, can take part and become integrated in several entrepreneurial development projects. The book is essential for future NGO’s, volunteer organizations or companies that are trying to carry out entrepreneurial projects in Africa. By neglecting taking active part of this book, the vulnerability and the long-term sustainability of any African entrepreneurship-project faces an uncertain future. More info:

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Emre Gürler
. Sjöberg
. Tobias

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