Denial in English

Denial in English

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-11-09 )

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The book studies denial in English from a linguistic point of view. Examples are taken from references as well as some literary texts. How utterances have meanings in situations? Such a question can be answered by pragmatics, which is concerned with the study of how language is used in communication. The concept of pragmatics was first introduced by the philosopher Charles Morris (1938), who defined it as "the study of the relation of signs to their interpreters". Pragmatics, then, is the study of language use. It can be usefully defined as the study of language use, and its object is meaning in use. Its main hypothesis is that "semantic interpretation is underspecified and must be enriched at the pragmatic stage". (Moeschler, 2003:19). Different pragmatic theories have been presented by different philosophers in order to show the significant role of pragmatics in understanding language. These theories originate in Austin's "How to Do Things with Words" (1962), which exposed the first theory of speech acts, developed in (1969) by Searle, and later in a formal theory (illocutionary logic) (Moeschler, 2003: 21-22).

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Ala' Oda
Nawras Abdul Zahra

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English linguistics / literature science