Spoken English Made Easy

Spoken English Made Easy

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-07-05 )

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In an era where communication has become synonymous to speaking English, it has become mandatory not only to learn the language but put it into terms to sustain in the competing world. Considering the technicality of the language, it is surely difficult to convey the words spoken, because it is not just about speaking English but it is to make it understandable and lucid. Just as written English is constrained by barricades of Grammar, so does spoken English is restrained by both Grammar as well as phonetics of speech. Dealing with such great tides of difficulty inherent in speaking English, there is a need to simplify the vocalisation of this global language. This book is written especially for teachers, research scholars and students, but all stages of learners may also find it useful. The explanations are made as simple as possible. Special care had been taken to cover all the items which are very useful for all non English medium academic background students. Explanations are mostly in ordinary everyday English. This book describes standard modern British English, and gives realistic examples of spoken and written language...

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Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa
Santoshkumar Karimilli

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English linguistics / literature science