Organisational Transformation From Mediocrity to Greatness

Organisational Transformation From Mediocrity to Greatness

Getting the Right People on the Bus

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-10-09 )

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In paving the way to success in a fierce and volatile business milieu where some businesses are dilapidating, entrepreneurs and world leaders are reminded of the game they play consciously or unconsciously which is competition. Developing a competitive mind-set will make you outstanding and fulfil the purpose of every competitive organisation which desires to stay in business. Organisations need to get the right people on the bus which is a crucial stage of transformation from mediocrity to greatness. No organisation can achieve success with the wrong people on the bus. With the right people on the bus, they need to have a clear vision for the future; develop the strategies that will achieve these goals and engage the stakeholders to join them on the journey so they can experience what excellence looks and feels like. Organisations which are mediocre cannot sustain competitive advantage or stay in business. It becomes compelling for organisations to be “the best of who they are” by focusing on what they are best at doing and outsourcing what they are not best at, so they can avoid the decadence of bad business.

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Njoh Vevanje Jr

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