Romanian Sociology: 1900-2010

Romanian Sociology: 1900-2010

A social history

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-07-05 )

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This book provides for a more comprehensive image of the Romanian sociology beginning with 1900 and reaching out up to the present. It is not a history about the theories developed by the Romanian sociologists, but a sociological analysis of the social history of the Romanian sociology. In this context, we approach the Romanian sociology as part of the society in which it has been created and in which it has operated. We attempt to identify the evolution pattern of the Romanian sociology and the way it has answered the issues facing the society. The evolution of the Romanian society leave their deep fingerprint on the sociology: sometimes the political actors, in the name of the whole society, share with sociology their hopes and illusions of better, have requests from sociology and makes use of it. Some other times, political power shows its irritation regarding sociology, repressing it and forcing this discipline to go underground, and again, in other sets of circumstances attempts to divert the attention of sociology to minor topics. The sociological thematic seems to express less the internal logic of its evolution, but rather the logic of the social context it pertains to.

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