Nickel Coated Powder Approach for Advanced Materials

Nickel Coated Powder Approach for Advanced Materials

Science and Technology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-07-15 )

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In the past few years, the study of coating is a good method for manufacturing a wide range of new materials especially in the form of composites for giving good adhesion between the support and the coating layer. There are several methods used to fabricate new materials depending on its application; some methods are highly difficult as chemical and physical vapor depositions. Electrolytic and electroless coating methods are good routes of low cost with high productivity and quality products. This book introduces readers to the science and technology for fabricating several types of Nickel base advanced materials, such as: Nickel matrix composites, solid solutions and NiAl intermetallic, using Nickel coating powder methods followed by powder technology processing and sintering. The Nickel coated and dry mixed powders were cold compacted and sintered. The structure, characteristics as well as the properties of the sintered materials, such as compression, transverse rupture strength, hardness, magnetic etc. were measured to evaluate the produced composite materials.

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Walid Daoush
Sayed Moustafa
Sayed Abd-El Rheem

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Physical chemistry