The Influence of the Hague Tribunal on the Criminal Legislation

The Influence of the Hague Tribunal on the Criminal Legislation

of Bosnia and Herzegovina

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-06-03 )

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Incomprehensible crimes were committed during the war in former Yugoslavia. Sufferings of both civilians and the members of the military formations were tremendous and we ought to bow deeply to the victims hoping never to experience anything like it again. However, we wonder, is compassion sufficient or does it stand the saying that there is no peace without justice, and how it is not possible to establish new, just and democratic society without punishing those who have committed crimes. There are different opinions on the issue whether the criminal responsibility before international and domestic courts is a right way for establishing justice and opening democratic perspectives. This is seen most drastically in the relationship of certain states or communities towards “their” criminals. In fact, the others are always the criminals, and ours are the heroes - which is the dominant attitude in all communities. The problem is, in particularly, expressed in the countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, where three communities are searching for the path of their democratic future in very complex relationships.

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Criminal law, Criminal Law Proceedings, criminology