University, Economy and Democracy: transformations and challenges

University, Economy and Democracy: transformations and challenges

The case of Greece

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-05-19 )

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In a rapidly changing world, the university is today facing challenges which are forcing it to reform in order to survive. Massification, global competition and the restriction of public funding are turning the university in the direction of an all the tighter connection with the needs of a knowledge-based economy. However, the relationship that the university is developing with the economy proves to a large extent to be one-sided, given that its role in the promotion of active citizenship and the defence of democracy is largely neglected. Hence, the main objective of this book is to highlight the problems of the university’s one-sided focus on the market, and to argue for the need for its redefinition as a pillar of support for democracy. Consequently, its aim is to place emphasis on the need for a balance in the mission of the university so that it can meet the needs of both the economy and democracy. We endeavour to approach the challenges that today’s university is facing, mainly within the European field, while at the same time providing a picture of the problems faced by the Greek university, especially in relation to the conditions of the recent economic crisis.

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Stathis Balias
Ioannis Kamarianos

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