Drivers of Firm Value and Dividend Policy

Drivers of Firm Value and Dividend Policy

Corporate social responsibility and governance in Romania

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-04-28 )

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Companies, similar to human beings, can no longer operate as isolated economic entities from the wider society, thus a socially responsible orientation being a moral imperative for a good corporate citizen. The triad of concerns as social equity, environmental protection, and economic growth become a vital device to synchronize the business strategy with sustainability. Therewith, good corporate governance is fundamental for corporate success, providing the basis for long-term value creation. In the light of human-centered approach which put people and planet before profit, this book aims to give an overview on social economy and its main actors that pursue creating sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive societies. Also, there are set forth insights on assessing the corporate prosocial behavior and its influence on firm value. Further, is explored the link between governance mechanisms, firm value, and dividend policy. The book is addressed to all academic and non-academic readers, covering investors as regards the investment analysis, managers and social entrepreneurs as to the challenge of achieving long-term sustainability, and policy-makers that promote social entrepreneurship.

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Ştefan Cristian Gherghina
Georgeta Vintilă

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Business management