Effects of Aqua Training on Physical and Physiological Variables

Effects of Aqua Training on Physical and Physiological Variables

Impact of Water up to Ankle, Knee, Hip and Shoulder levels on Athletes and Players

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-05-11 )

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This edition is mainly focused on Aqua training which is a new direction of research in training the athletes of different categories and it’s highly useful for the current coaching system in terms of performances. Aqua training exercise looks like complexity but the merits are enormous in nature. Many interesting and rational views are done in water namely enhancement of performances, rehabilitation and recovery purposes, optimizing movement skills and etc...The title focuses on the development of physical and physiological variables of athletes due to the impact of aqua training. The designed groups were undergone water up to ankle, knee, hip and shoulder level. The hip level water depth contributed more significantly for the development of certain physical and physiological variables. The derived information in this edition might be fruitfully used by coaches, trainers and sports scientists to formulate and design their own schedule of training by using different gadgets readily available in the market of Sports Training for the development of sports; Faster, Higher and Stronger as a Olympic Motto.

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Jayaraman Sundara Raja Perumal

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