The Challenge of Firm Value Creation and Bankruptcy Prevention

The Challenge of Firm Value Creation and Bankruptcy Prevention

Corporate Governance and Compliance of Listed Companies in Romania

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-02-10 )

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Corporate governance is a key factor in the process of enhancing efficiency and economic growth, as well protecting investors. This book is intended to give insights on the connection between corporate governance, firm value, and bankruptcy risk for all academic and non-academic readers. There are employed several methods as data mining, structural equation modeling, content analysis, parametric research, and multivariate linear regression models in order to develop and explore the link between various corporate governance aggregate measures and firm value. Apart from measurement concerns, this book designs a bankruptcy risk tool based on dimensionality reduction, since financial crisis has stressed how governance failures can crash corporations and undesirably affect whole economies. Onward, is examined the link between governance mechanisms and bankruptcy risk. The book provides evidence that could be valuable for investors towards investment decision-making process based on governance composite measures. Alike, the information conveyed in this book could be useful for managers to examine the bankruptcy risk in relation with board structure and dimension, besides board diversity.

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Ştefan Cristian Gherghina
Georgeta Vintilă

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Business management