ELT in Oman and India:

ELT in Oman and India:

Experiments in EFL, ESL, ESP & CALL

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-06-06 )

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English Language Teaching (ELT) has been evolving, in the hands of Teachers, throughout its travel across the globe. It becomes interestingly unique in each country as the learners of the East, the West and the Middle East are different in terms of Learning Strategies, Acquisition, and Applications. It can be challenging for Teachers and Trainers in EFL, ESL, ESP situations apart from TESOL. The above fields of study had gone further with Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). Now it’s time for ELT through Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on, for the Young and Adult Learners who cannot imagine life without Smart Phones and iPads. This book in your hands, ELT in Oman and India: Experiments in EFL, ESL, ESP and CALL, presents some practical aspects of the above including Action and Applied research conducted by the Author at various schools and higher educational institutions (2001-2016) in the Middle East (Oman) and SAARC countries (India and the Maldives). It is useful for teachers, trainers, researchers, administrators and students who wish to update their skills and knowledge.

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Kalyana Chakravarthi Thirunagari

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