Legal English

Legal English

in Morgan’s International Construction Contract Management

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-09-14 )

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The role of English language in international communication is magnified with globalization. Today international business is depending on international language. Authentic usage of language has more effective result in international business success (Blenkinsopp & Pajouh, 2010). Offshore industry involves international language. Precise technical writing helps to reduce the costs arising out of breaches of contract. Contractual text is a sub-genre of legal text(Smejkalová, 2009). Legal document has legal effects (Sarcevic, 1977). Accurate writing protects parties from claims. This study will carry out a survey on legal/ contract writing which is used in D. Bryan Morgan's International Construction Contract Management. Our main purpose was representing the characteristics of this text and specialties about contract writing through discourse analysis of contract language in aspects of syntax, lexicon and textual features. Attention is focused on using grammatical structures, contractual terms, legal terminologies, and stylistic rules adequate to the legal/contract language conventions to avoid errors and pitfalls may be encountered in writing of contractual text.

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Zhila Afshin
Kourosh Akef

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