Radiation Dose Assessment for Ionizing and Ultraviolet Radiation

Radiation Dose Assessment for Ionizing and Ultraviolet Radiation

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-09-29 )

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The aim of this study is the radiation dose assessment of gamma rays-γ and ultraviolet-UV radiation on nuclear track detector-NTDs types CR-39 , Lexan and LR-115 through measuring the absorbance-A by using uv-visible spectroscopy technique and measuring the spectral deviation of Fourier transform infrared- FTIR technique . The radiation response for gamma rays was measured at low dose range 1Gy to 10 Gy and high dose range 10 Gy to 195 kGy .There is gamma ray response for all NTDs used in this study.Results revealed gamma radiation response at low and high radiation doses for Lexan and LR-115 detector using optical absorbance - A ,while the radiation response for CR-39 detector appears only at high dose range .The results show that absorbance-A increases with increasing of gamma radiation dose, where it was observed that Lexan detector has a radiation response much better than CR-39 and LR-115 detectors through measuring increasing in the absorbance-A value at the wavelength 800 nm . From the results of this study , a possibility appears for the case of NTDs type CR-39 , Lexan and LR-115 as gamma and uv radiation dosimeters in medical and environmental fields.

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Hussain ali al-jobouri
Fala Hatem Taha

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Atomic physics, nuclear physics