Gas management as possible solution for long-life Li-ion batteries

Gas management as possible solution for long-life Li-ion batteries

A spectro-electrochemical approach to support the technological troubleshooting of Li-ion cell devices

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-07-14 )

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In the energy storage frame of knowledge, Li-ion batteries are the most popular type of rechargeable devices; thanks to their superior energy densities and low memory effect. However, considering the high energy density, the safety requirements for Li-ion batteries are stricter than those of other energy storage devices. In particular, side reactions can overheat and pressurise the cell, which can emit inflammable vapours, leading to bulging and even explosion. However, side reactions can easily speed up the battery self-discharge, leading to battery replacement. For these reasons, battery failures, recalls, and substitutions are some of the main causes of profit loss for battery manufacturers. This project proposes an innovative gas management approach for Li-ion cell devices. The approach is based on targeted methodologies aimed at quantifying the gas of interest directly in the device and to prepare a scavenger, dedicated to capture specific gases from the battery environment.

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Andrea Carra'
Alessandra Fernicola
Alberto Vertova

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Physical chemistry