Solvency II and IFRS4. Chasing of risks in life insurance

Solvency II and IFRS4. Chasing of risks in life insurance

Identification and analysis of the underwriting and investment risks; Solvency II compared to IFRS4-Phase II

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-03-26 )

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Solvency II and IFRS4 have been introducing important changes both in the balance sheet and in how to face the risks. The activities of underwriting and of investing the money saved by the policyholders are sources of opportunities and also of risks for the insurers. While Solvency II is spread over EU, IFRS4 is applicable worldwide. While Solvency II divides the balance sheet from the evaluation of risks which are treated within the required capital, IFRS4 has only the reserves for facing risks and hence is looking for original approaches and methods of reserving. Actuaries and experts of risks have been called together for challenging new methods of measurement since more than ten years and will have to work for at least 6/8 years yet. The book deals with the new metrics for measuring risks in Solvency II and the activities of the stress and scenario testing. It shows how IFRS4-Phase II is attempting to avoid that not economic mismatches of assets and liabilities affect the profits and losses.

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Luca Bianchi

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Theory of probability, stochastics, mathematical statistics