Cross Border Labour Market: Romania- Bulgaria

Cross Border Labour Market: Romania- Bulgaria

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-11-26 )

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This book is a very complex analysis of the labour market in Romania and Bulgaria which appeared as a result of the neighboring cooperation between the two countries and the need to exchange labour experiences among its citizens. The labour market is influenced by the economic-social system, the political system but also by the environment, which is why demand and supply on the labour market often have different tendencies. The desired labour force must be highly satisfying and skilled, be flexible and efficient, be stable and loyal. The problem regarding the insertion of new graduates in the labour market is not present only in Romania and Bulgaria, but also across Europe. The society must support the modernization of higher education, so that it can respond to the demands of a knowledge society, in the conditions of a competitive European economic market. The quality of higher education is an indicator of the quality of culture, of social intelligence and contributes to improve the quality of life in general. The mission of the education system is to ensure compatibility of its graduates with those graduates trained within the European higher education.

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Daniela Cretu
Andrei Radu Iova
Elena Lascar

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Work-, economics- and industrial sociology