Visualization Of Version Variation

Visualization Of Version Variation

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-01-06 )

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Over the past few years, the size of data has increased dramatically. Big data sets are an issue in certain domains. There are a huge number of studies that have taken place to address this issue. Visualizing the data is an effective way for data representation due to the fact that we use our sight as one of the main senses to understand information. In this project, we concentrate on the visualization of textual data, which is in demand these days. A group of researchers in the College of Art and Humanities at Swansea University has collected different German translations of Shakespeare’s play, Othello, which have evolved over a long period of time. The aim of their research is to study the variations between these different translations, and understand how the translations have evolved throughout this period of time. Furthermore, how they vary from one author translator to another. Our goal in this project is to develop an interactive visualization system that applies effective visualization techniques in such a way that helps the researchers in the College of Art and Humanities to analyze, explore and identify the variations of these large textual data.

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Majedah Alrehiely
Robert S. Laramee

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