Development trends and prognoses in athletic events until 2016

Development trends and prognoses in athletic events until 2016

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-12-09 )

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This work is dealing with the development trends and prognosis in selected men's and women's athletic disciplines until 2016. By the analysis of trends until 2013 were used the time series of the world's best performances until the year 2012 referred to IAAF. The prognosis are given for 4 seasons to the Rio de Janeiro Olympic cycle from 2013-2016. Nowadays we notice a continuous progress of efficiency in some male and female athletic disciplines. By 2013 was noticed the achievement of the prognosed limits - limits of men athletic performance in sprint disciplines (100 m, 200 m, 4x100 m relay), ski jumping events (long jump, pole vault) and endurance walking sports (20 km and 50 km). Reaching the limits in female performance was noticed in the 4x100 m relay, hammer throw, high jump and endurance walking discipline on 20 km. In the next four years, from 2013-2016, we can expect improvement in athletic performance and also the improvement of the world records in the men's disciplines 200 m, 800 m, 110 m hurdles, 50 km race walk, marathon and world record in the women's 400 m hurdles run.

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