Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Palash Upazila of Narsingdi, Bangladesh

Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Palash Upazila of Narsingdi, Bangladesh

Taxonomy and Ethnobotanical Study at Pandit Para Village Under Palash Upazila of Narsingdi District, Bangladesh

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-09-29 )

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Abstract: Taxonomy and Ethnobotanical study of angiosperm flora at Pandit Para Village under Palash Upazila of Narsingdi district, Bangladesh was carried out from March 2013 to July 2014. A total of 162 species belonging to 136 genera under 65 families were recorded. These comprise of 57 herbs, 56 trees, 31 shrubs, 17 climbers, 1 epiphyte belong to 65 families. Frequent field trips were made during March 2013 to July 2014 to record ethno-botanical data by interviewing local people of various age groups, mostly ranging between 20 to 70 years, including medicinal healers (herbalists/hakims). A total of 68 plant species under 60 genera of 41 families have been documented which are used for the treatment of 78 diseases/illness. In majority cases, leaves of the medicinal plants were found leading in terms of their use followed by whole plant, stem, bark, latex, leave bud, pulp, petiole, fruits, rhizome, seed, root, calyx and peduncle. For each species scientific name, local name, habit, family, ailments to be treated, mode of treatment and part(s) used are provided.

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A.H.M. Mahbubur Rahman
Amisha Debnath

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