India's Growth Story: Sector-wise

India's Growth Story: Sector-wise

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-07-14 )

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India is an emerging economy that has been growing very fast. This book tries to identify the sectors that contributed the most to India’s transition from an underdeveloped economy to a vibrant one. Attempt is also made to see which sector has been the most stable amid all the ups and downs. The book shows that the normal theory of economies growing from agro-based to industry to finally service-based does not always work. It highlights the policies that proved to be game changers. At the same time, it also shows that often, sectors grow in a policy vacuum – they are not guided by government; the economy drives them. Such sectors, it seems from India’s case, tend to become the most stable because they grew without any support from outside. This also makes them the best sectors to support and invest in. This study thus gives important pointers to the policy makers.

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Alka Parikh
Sumit Singh
Krati Agrawal

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Development theory and development policy