Constituting of Urban Design Framework

Constituting of Urban Design Framework

through Urban Design Deficiencies

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-04-02 )

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Contemporary, deficiencies of urban design considerations obviously appear in the process of urban constructions that it also has reduced urban life qualities under pressure of governments’ policies to develop specific aspects such as standardization, industrialization, and globalization. However, in whole of history, urban design has been a man-made activity to change environment on the base of philosophy, epistemology, methodology, and ideology. It is notable that, results have been included both promotional and erosion effects in the consciousness and unconsciousness of designers to form the urban environment from primitive to progressive forms regarding different location, position, and condition as diversities styles. Currently, all background have been summarized in four factors to constitute our urban design qualities containing Urban Design Knowledge, Urban design Atmosphere, Urban Designer, and Urban Design Project which, they influences on each other in both directly and indirectly. Urban design framework is both logical and methodological connections between those factors to guide and enhance the designing process and level of confident for qualified designing.

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Rahman Tafahomi

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City-, area- and landscape planning