Tour de France

Tour de France

geographical approach to the history of sport event

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-03-27 )

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The Tour de France, a three weeks´ bicycle race has a unique position in the sports world. The main purpose of the study is not only in offering an answer to the questions “Who“ or “When“, but mainly “Where“. The analysis was focused on the spatial dimension of Tour de France considering the aspect of localization and evaluation of different stage centers as well as the most important mountain ascents included in the competition itinerary in its history. Important part is also summation of the main results and basic statistics of the 100 editions of “La Grande Boucle” with an emphasis on some characteristics not yet accentuated. The focus is on important persons of the history of the race and on different nations in the form of partial successes of performers and countries in individual historical decades. Integral part of the book is a comprehensive cartographic-statistical annex based on data organized in a database structure. This publication should contribute to the overall orientation in this field for the researchers engaged in geography of sports and sport history.

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Vladimír Bačík
Michal Klobučník

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